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Brussels in shorts (Passaporta/Oogachtend)

Brussels has always been a magnet for artists, especially comic strip writers. The ‘Brussels in Shorts’ creation project has given young authors the opportunity to (re)discover the city and to allow themselves to be inspired by it. With their stories, these highly promising artists have confirmed that Brussels is not only the capital of Belgium and Europe, but also of the 9th art. The Belgian Comic Strip Centre is therefore honoured to dedicate an entire exhibition to these 10 contemporary comic strip gems which take place in its city.

Willem De Graeve, Comics Art Museum


Brussels in Shorts is the international graphic short story competition from the literature publisher Passa Porta in which authors have the opportunity to develop their stories during a residency in Brussels. An expert jury selected the stories to be compiled in this second album, Bruss.2. In each short strip, a Brussels hotel provides the décor for an unexpected and often unusual story.

StedhoBE reworks an old classic and shows us a modern day Wonderland, where nothing is what it seems.

Laure Allain & Michaël OlbrechtsBE tell the tale of a lonely man on the hunt for the missing piece of his family history.

Mikkel Ørsted SauzetDK/FR delivers silent criticism of the news with his incisive blue drawings.

Steve MichielsBE plunges into the story of Magritte and his own grandfather, who lived a stone's throw from the Belgian surrealist.

KimBE is a cartoonist who dares to draw something new and exciting. He spotlights the seedier side of the city in a cinematic narrative style.

Gwénola CarrèreCH interweaves the present and the future in her tale of an adulterous woman waiting for her lover in her hotel room.

Delphine FrantzenBE tells the story of two old friends rediscovering each other and Brussels. 

Fabienne Loodts’BE provides a playful narrative that takes the reader on a tourist trail through the capital.

Brussels in Shorts Coordinators: Ilke Froyen, Alyssa Saro.

International Competition Jury: Judith Vanistendael (chair), Charles Dierick, Willem de Graeve, Els Moors, Johan Stuyck, Linda Torfs.

Bruss. 2 is published by Oogachtend Publishers.

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