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Draw for change !

Empowering women, one laugh at at time

In the summer of 2023, the Comic Art Museum is welcoming a very special project: "Draw for Change". The exhibition presents the work of six female artists - press cartoonists - from six different countries and the impact they’re making with their work. You embark on a journey with them and discover their country, the daily realities they are facing and how they visualize those in their artwork.

The exhibition is based on a television series of the same name dedicated to these six artists whose drawings empower women and fight for gender equality and human rights.


Artists: Amany Al-Ali (Syria, Idlib), Mar Maremoto (Mexico), Victoria Lomasko (Russia), Rachita Taneja (India), Ann Telnaes (US, to be confirmed), Doa El-Adl (Egypt).


Curator of the exhibition: Melanie Andrieu

A cooperation with Blue Bird Docs. 

The documentary "Draw for change!" is a production of Clin d'Oeil Films following a concept by Vincent Coen & Guillaume Vandenberghe.

With the support of the National Lottery and its players. 

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