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Fanny K. – Moordgriet

Toni Coppers & Jean-Marc Krings - WPG/Standaart Publ.

Some comic strip characters capture our imagination to such an extent that we almost forget that they actually only play a minor part. Fanny is just such an example. When she first appeared upon the scene, some forty years ago, in Merho’s family comic strip De Kiekeboes, which is still one of Flanders’ best-selling comic strip series, she immediately captured the hearts of the readership. So, it is only right that she is getting her own series now. Given that this is a collaboration between Toni Coppers, a writer of thrillers – who is now making his debut in the comic strip world! – and the French-speaking comic strip artist, Jean-Marc Krings, this is guaranteed to be both an exciting and surprising interpretation of one of the most popular comic strip heroines, which will certainly also appeal to the visitors to our Gallery.

Willem De Graeve, Belgian Comic strip Centre

The girl in the city brought to life by a top team

Fanny from the Kiekeboes. Men simply adore her, and women see her as a role model. In Fanny K., Fanny and her female friends, Alanis and Tomboy, are already a few years older. They have left home, they are living in the city, and they are at the threshold of their professional life. For her personal adventures, the publishing company Standaard Uitgeverij and Merho have entrusted Fanny to Toni Coppers no less, and the graphics were put into the very capable hands of Jean-Marc Krings.

The first comic book, Moordgriet [Murder of a super chick]

Fanny has found out that a good friend of hers, who is also a model, has been murdered in horrendous circumstances in Geneva, and she vows to find her murderer. She has immense courage and determination, but her opponent is extremely cunning and not exactly a novice at this. Moordgriet will be published on 12 April 2017, and is the first part of a nail-biting trilogy.

 Jean-Marc Krings is the Franco-Belgian artist behind Agence Quanta and Violine, among others. He had a traditional education, and was awarded his master’s degree by the Brussels Royal Academy for Fine Arts. His flair for comic strip art stems from his lessons with Guy Brasseur at the Academy of Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe.

In 2017, after many years’ working as a comic strip artist for French-speaking publishing houses, such as Dupuis and Glénat, he is now published in Dutch by Standaard Uitgeverij.

Toni Coppers is an author of thrillers like no other, and is famous for the Liese Meerhout crime series. In 2014, Toni Coppers won the Hercule Poirot prize for Dood water [Dead Water], and was nominated for De Gouden Strop 2015 [The Golden Noose]. Het laatste oordeel [The Last Judgment] became an instant bestseller, and De vleermuismoorden [The Bat Murders] won the Hercule Poirot prize 2015 voted by the general public. In the spring of 2016, the long-awaited film version of his new crime series Coppers was released on the Flemish TV channel VTM, and since 2017 he has been working on FANNY K., his first comic strip series.

Standaard Publishers

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