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La famille Blaireau-Renard: Les Arbres [The Badger-Fox Family and Trees]

Brigitte Luciani and Eve Tharlet, Published by Editions Dargaud

Much to our delight, the most endearing Badger-Fox family has moved in and has made itself comfortable in the Gallery of the Comic Strip Art Museum! Mirroring the experiences of this exceptional step-family, the adventure now also includes new comic books covering various topics. The selection of original drawings on display highlights the talent of these two female authors, as well as their relevance and teachings in the way they approach the topics they touch upon. The delicate watercolours produced by Eve Tharlet certainly do full justice to the gentleness and tenderness conveyed in Brigitte Luciani’s story. That is why the Belgian Comic Strip Centre is so very pleased to introduce its visitors to this funny and moving universe, which is certain to bring a smile to everyone’s face, both young and old!


Mélanie Andrieu, Belgian Centre of Comic Strip Art



Mr Badger lives in his burrow with his three young children. One day, Mrs Fox and her daughter make their way into their ‘house’ in search of a new home. This is how these two families finally end up living together... The story has been devised by Brigitte Luciani and Eve Tharlet, and the children’s series Mr Badger and Mrs Fox has had a phenomenal success. It has not only been translated into 15 languages, and honoured with numerous awards, but it has also been adapted into a play and a television series. The authors have also produced comic books on other topics. After first touching upon the emotional side of life, the Badger-Fox family is now introducing trees.


Eve Tharlet was born in Alsace and spent her childhood in Germany. After attending an engraving and silk screen printing course in Berlin, she went on to study at the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg. She is passionate about the world of early childhood, the pre-reading stage. Besides other projects, she also illustrates traditional tales, the work of contemporary authors and her own stories. She has created the stories of Fennel Rabbit in collaboration with Brigitte Weninger (NordSud), as well as the adventures of Mr Badger and Mrs Fox with Brigitte Luciani, and in 2014 she produced a spin-off series with ‘Cassis’, who is the little one of this adorable family.


Brigitte Luciani has a German mother and Hungarian father, and from a very early age she took great pleasure in moving between these two cultures. After studying literature, she travelled through the USA and India, and later moved to Berlin where she had a series of different jobs. In 1994, she moved to Paris and started writing children’s books and comic strip scripts. She has created Mr Badger and Mrs Fox in collaboration with Eve Tharlet, as well as various comic books on Colonel Mustard: Maia (Dargaud), L’espace d’un soir [In the Space of an Evening], Comédie d’amour [Comedy of Love] and Histoires cachées [Hidden Stories] (Delcourt). 


Les Éditions Dargaud



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