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Le Règne. Volume 2: Le Maître du Shrine

Sylvain Runberg and Olivier Boiscommun - Le Lombard

The new series Le Règne, which is a first collaboration of two highly talented authors, promises some very entertaining reading. 

The script was written by Sylvain Runberg, who specialises in writing detective novels and suspense stories. In this work, the script-writer plunges the reader into a chaotic universe populated by amazing animals, a universe from which humans have completely disappeared. It depicts the trials and tribulations of the hero on his journey to the Shrine, which is the only place of salvation. The account is action-packed and full of unexpected twists and turns...

The watercolour drawings by Olivier Boiscommun are simply outstanding. This highly original story is underpinned by his mastery of colour, his drawing talent and dynamism.

The Belgian Centre of Comic Strip Art takes great pleasure in exhibiting in its Gallery a selection of drawings from the second volume, and in introducing this new riveting animal series that not only breathes new life into the genre but also keeps the reader on the edge of their seat…

Mélanie Andrieu, Belgian Comic Strip Centre


At some point in the future – our civilisation lying in ruins – mankind seems to have been wiped off the face of the Earth, leaving room for nature to go unchecked. This world is now host to animal populations, who are forever condemned to a life of roaming in order to survive the disasters that are sweeping across the earth. Among them is a trio of mercenaries who are fervent free spirits, with a troubled and even painful past, and who are endeavouring to guide a clan towards the Shrine, the mysterious sanctuary… However, their journey is both long and hazardous … This magnificent and infinitely rich post-apocalyptic account keeps the reader under its spell, and this even from the very first glance at the cover.

Sylvain Runberg, born in Belgium, has lived and studied in France, England and Sweden. He holds a master’s degree in history, and has worked in the book trade and in publishing. He became a scriptwriter at the age of 33, and 15 years later, he has more than 70 comic books to his name. Runberg, who feels comfortable in all genres, has produced a multicultural oeuvre that is full of real gems, such as Millenium jointly with Homs and Man, Orbital with Pellé and Reconquêtes with Mivilles-Deschêne.

O.G. Boiscommun has been working as a graphic artist and scriptwriter for 25 years. As soon as he made his appearance on the comic strip art scene, he made a name for himself with his realistic style full of reverie, the supernatural, and spot colour, all features which are present in all the series he has tackled (Meutes jointly with Dufaux, Troll with Sfar and Morvan, Halloween a work entirely of his own), which are often also steeped in fantasy and adventure. Le Règne is his first collaboration with Runberg, and also his first animal-based story. It is stunning in its expressiveness, and firm proof, if further proof were needed, of the talent of this all-round artist.

Le Lombard Publisher



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