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Minivip & Supervip

Bruno Bozzetto and Grégory Panaccione, Editions Soleil, Metamorphose Collection

Minivip and Supervip, do you know them? Bruno Bozzetto created these two charming characters a few years ago, and they now feature in a freely adapted comic book with drawings by Grégory Panaccione. ‘Océan d’amour’ [Ocean of Love] and ‘Chronosquad’ are also other amazing works by this author, in which he depicts the universe of these two wonderful, funny and endearing heroes! The graphics exude dynamism, and they are a sheer delight for the reader due to the colourful and surprising ambiances. The comic book abounds with mocking references to adverts and films, and is a gentle satire of our society and everything that is wrong about it. These two authors love parody. Minivip & Supervip. Le mystère du va-et-vient [The Mystery of To-ing and Fro-ing] forms part of the Métamorphose collection (published by Soleil), and it is its 10th anniversary this year. The Museum of Comic Strip Art is therefore extremely pleased to be celebrating this event, and to regale their visitors this summer with this beautiful adventure that is jam-packed with humour and solidarity!


Mélanie Andrieu, Belgian Comics Art Museum



Minivip & Supervip touches upon the topics of diversity, mutual assistance, and ecology with great style and wit.

The Earth; 99.999% polluted. The VIP brothers live in an era when cars rule the planet. These brothers are the descendants of a long line of superheroes who always take up the case of the underdog. Supervip is handsome and tough, whereas nature has not been all that kind to the rather vulnerable Minivip. Far, far away from them, on a planet called Sparky, Master Fertility is playing havoc, and has been polluting the Earth so that 500,000 of his very best eggs can incubate and hatch there. His objective: To Rule the World!

BRUNO BOZZETTO. Born in Milan in 1938, Bruno is a producer, director and script-writer of political and satirical cartoon films. In 1958, he produced his first film entitled Tapum, l’histoire des armes [Tapum, The History of Arms], which caught the attention of the international world of animation. He subsequently established his studio to produce adverts, short movies and feature films. In 1990, he was awarded the Golden Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival for his Mister Tao, and in 1991 his film Grasshoppers was nominated for the Oscars.

GRÉGORY PANACCIONE. Grégory was born in Milan in 1968, and he is not only a talented cartoonist, but also an illustrator, graphic artist and colourist. At the age of 14, he attended the Estienne Art College in Paris, where he was initiated into the basic skills of drawing, graphic art, and traditional copper plate etching. He went on to study at the College of Fine Art, where he was first introduced to morphology. After gaining some experience in the world of advertising, and then becoming enthralled with cartoons, he launched into a career in comic strip art.


Published by Editions Soleil


With the Support of the Brussels-Capital Region and l’Istituto Italiano di Cultura de Bruxelles

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