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Penss et les plis du monde [Penns and the folds of the world]

Jérémie Moreau, Editions Delcourt

Jérémie Moreau is not only a talented but also an amazing author, because of his powerful stories and also because of the way in which he draws them. Whether he is revisiting an English legend, dreaming up an Icelandic saga, or deciding the destiny of a top-level sportsman, his critical look at people and the world shows proof of great finesse. In his body of work, between nature and culture, he places man at the heart of the action and accompanies him in his quest for truth and freedom. As is obvious from the selection of original plates exhibited in the Gallery, this author has mastered his art. To give the story more oomph, he switches the way in which he constructs the panels and the elements of composition, and he creates ambiances and landscapes for us in extremely beautiful direct colour. The Belgian Comics Art Museum is delighted to share this wonderful new romantic fable with its visitors!

Mélanie Andrieu, Belgian Comics Art Museum

In this philosophical story, the author of Saga de Grimr, winner of the 2018 Golden Wildcat [Fauve d’or] award in Angoulême, excels in capturing Penss’s special way of looking at the world, which is totally opposite to that of other humans in these prehistoric times…

At the dawn of time, Penss, who does not make a very good hunter, spends days on end marvelling at nature’s beauty. His clan has cast him out, and he is therefore forced to live a solitary life and is expected to die young. However, in the spring he finds out earth’s best kept secret: everything in the world inevitably unfolds. A new life thus opens up for Penss, and a new future for humanity, of that he is convinced…

Jérémie Moreau was born in 1987. From the tender age of 8, he started taking part in the Angoulême school comic strip competition every year, and in 2005 he won the prize. He then studied in Paris, France, at Gobelins, a school for visual communication and arts. Here he discovered a more dynamic and more expressive way of drawing. Among the influences on his life, he mentions Franquin, the poetry of Gus Bofa, the beauty of Winsor McCay and James Ensor’s wildness. In 2012, he was awarded the prize for young talent at the Festival d’Angoulême and was contacted by Wilfrid Lupano. As absurd stories and films have had a great influence upon him, he became interested in the story of the Monkey of Hartlepool, both for its absurdity as well as for its critical look at racism and its caricature characters. His drawing style is inspired by Quentin Blake, Ralph Steadman and Ronald Searle. He also works in film animation as a character designer. His first amazing solo story, Max Winson, is like the ingeniousness of Winsor McCay and the virtuosity of Bastien Vivès all rolled into one.

Delcourt Publishers

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