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TER « L’étranger », by Rodolphe and Christophe Dubois

Edition Daniel Maghen

The cover captures our imagination on the spot because of the finesse of the drawings and the abundance of colour. Its great depth and sheer poetry simply draw us into the story…

Welcome to TER, an unknown territory in lush and luxuriant settings. Christophe Dubois takes Rodolphe’s storyline to the sublime with his meticulous attention to detail and his mastery of colour and contrasts. The atmosphere he has created is one in which the reader finds himself or herself walking alongside Mandor, the hero and narrator of the tale. This is a riveting account of the exploration of a planet that is populated with strange faces made of stone. 

This comic book is simply magnificent, twice over! By exhibiting a selection of the TER drawings in spot colour, the Museum of Comic Strip Art pays homage to the talent of Christophe Dubois and the editing work of Daniel Maghen. The first volume of this trilogy in the offing introduces us to new territories. The work is both medieval and futuristic; it takes us on a voyage both in time and in space. The Belgian Comics Art Museum is extremely pleased to offer its visitors a comic book for the summer that provides just the perfect escape. Enjoy this voyage of discovery!

Mélanie Andrieu, Belgian Comics Art Museum


A breath-taking and poetic science-fiction story that takes us out of our normal surroundings. The reader becomes attached to and follows the evolution of characters, who slowly but surely go in discovery of their own strange planet...

A man pops up out of the blue, from a cemetery in a hostile, uninhabited desert that sustains no life. Pip, a young scoundrel and grave robber, finds and retrieves him from the bottom of a tomb where he was sleeping. He is completely naked and does not utter a word. His only distinguishing feature is a tattoo in the form of a hand, which will earn him the nickname of Mandor (‘Main d’Or’ or hand of gold). Pip takes him along with him to Bas Courtil, which is a lowly, primitive borough stuck onto a rocky hill. Mandor gradually learns to speak, and his intelligence starts to show when - even though his memory always lets him down - he turns out to be incredibly gifted at repairing worn out mechanical objects, and getting the mountain of stuff that Pip has accumulated into working order again...

As a teacher of French, a librarian and then a journalist, Rodolphe has taken great delight in various types of writing, but his main focus is comics. He is a critic, as well as an events and exhibition organiser, but he is primarily renowned for his scriptwriting. He met Jacques Lob in 1975, who became a great friend, and jointly with him he started creating his first stories. So far, he has more than 150 comic books to his name.

Christophe Dubois was born in 1969 in La-Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland), and showed an interest in comics from a very tender age. However, he finally opted for the Applied Arts. This led him towards a career as a graphic artist, and working ten years for the same agency. He has now returned to his first love, but still very much keeps his hand in graphic art.

Les éditions Daniel Maghen


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