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10 years of the Ecritures

The Ecritures collection was launched by the publisher Casterman in the autumn of 2002. Quartier lointain by Jirô Taniguchi and L’Autoroute du Soleil by Baru, published in plain cream covers, were the first titles in this new collection which was soon to become the ultimate French-language reference for the graphic novel, a genre which is both modern and universal. Ten years later, the Ecritures collection comprises nearly 80 titles and many works which set the standard in the genre.

 In an original format which precludes neither depth nor exigence, Ecritures welcomes works by new talents and translations of foreign works remarkable for their ambition, their quality or their narrative depth. Intimist tales bringing together the finest of present day creations, each new opus gives us a different view of the century, nurtured by the talent of authors who throw themselves wholeheartedly into their work, in black and white or in colour, over two hundred pages or more than six hundred.

As Benoît Peeters, the instigator of the collection, notes, Ecritures was and still is a space where the narrative can be given free expression, completely without restraint.

 In this exhibition the Belgian Comic Strip Center pays tribute to an unique initiative which through the richness and diversity of its component works makes the language of the comic strip even more universal by demonstrating its modernity, its literary inspiration and finally, through the humanity at the heart of each work, its relevance as an account of our times.

In collaboration with Casterman Publishers and with the support of the Brussels-Capital Region

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