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Asterix in Belgium

A playful exhibition about the northern Gauls

One fine day, at the height of their career, Goscinny and Uderzo decided to tell the story of the adventures of Asterix among the Belgians, after already putting him through some laugh-out-loud moments on his travels half-way across Europe. Without ever taking a mocking tone, the two authors take ever such a cheeky pleasure in exploring the ways and customs of this country, for which they feel great affection. After all, they both started their career in Belgium some 25 years earlier (1951).

This comic book forms the subject of the exhibition cum learning game organised by the Belgian Comics Art Museum. The famous quote by Julius Caesar in ‘The Gallic Wars’ that features in the frontispiece of this comic book: “Of all the Gauls, the Belgians are the bravest enemies I have ever faced.” is the driving force behind the story. Of course, this really gets on the nerves of the inhabitants of a little Gallic village in Armorica, whom the Romans have not managed to defeat. To pay homage to this ‘historical’ work of art, in which Nervians and Menapians end up battling side by side, and in which we witness the birth of Brussels and courier services, waterzooi and French fries, the Belgian Comics Art Museum has come up with an exhibition cum learning game, which gives everyone the opportunity to measure the extent of their Belgian-ness…

Curator : Mélanie Andrieu

An exhibition of the Belgian Comics Art Museum

In collaboration with Albert-René Publishers

With the support of the Brussels-Capital Region, Visit Brussels, Thalys, Leonidas and Parc Astérix

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