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Étienne Davodeau

Chronicles of real life

Imaginary worlds feature prominently in comic strips but Étienne Davodeau prefers to base his stories on real life and take his inspiration from his homeland and family and friends.

Davodeau writes about ‘ordinary’ people in a place he knows well and loves, the French department of Maine et Loire. His stories and documentaries always have a strong social dimension. They are about local life and work, controversies, struggles, solidarity and friendship in his home country. A humanist to the core, he tells the stories of his fellow human beings. He is not afraid to handle topics he knows little about but will always ask questions and do his research. His razor-sharp illustrations give voice to those who courageously stand up for their convictions or follow paths less travelled.

Curator: JC De la Royère and Mélanie Andrieu
With the support of Brussels-Capital Region.

Tags : Museum / Strip / Exhibition / Publication


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