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03/03: Museum Night Fever!

Published on 02 February 2018

On 3 March, the former Waucquez warehouses will yet again open their doors for textile art. 

This year, we present you animations about... bandana ! It is, of course, the accessory of cowboys (Lucky Luke) and race pilots (Michel Vaillant). Even Tintin may be in need of a handkerchief, albeit to protect his head from the burning desert sun, as Bianca Castafiore can be seen fainting dramatically with a small veil in her hands.  

First you'll discover an exhibition of those printed square scarfs made by the students of Fashion Design of EPS Saint-Luc. Then, with their support, you'll realise your own bandana and have the possibility to test alternatives to classic silkscreen printing !

The whole under the atmosperical music of Synapses : sound as an immaterial and living present moment. Or when start and arrival are of no importance in a meditation on the fourth dimension, time. Throughout this experience, sensations, memories and thoughts float through space like vagabonds.

Tags : Museum / Strip / Exhibition / Guided tour / Art Nouveau / Creative Course


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