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Published on 16 December 2020

The Comics Art Museum, in partnership with the Fondation Roi Baudouin, offers you the opportunity to contribute financially to an ambitious exhibition project, "United Comics of Belgium", which is due to open in March 2021 in the prestigious setting of the Comics Art Museum.

Responding to the Foundation's call to "help the cultural sector", the Comics Art Museum launches an exhibition project in partnership with Aka (Academy of Belgian Comic Strip Artists) and Abdil (Authors of Comic Strips and Illustrated Books United), highlighting the creativity of contemporary Belgian authors.

"United Comics of Belgium" is a collective exhibition presenting the work of 27 authors from different generations, mixing genres, styles and communities. A mirror of Belgian creation in 2020, the exhibition aims to be a "snapshot of creation" that is bubbling, diverse and multiple, contradictory, chaotic, innovative, promising, provocative, creative, artistic, rich, diversified and striking!

The Belgian Comic Strip Center, a Brussels' flagship cultural attraction, which welcomes more than 250,000 visitors a year, has been deprived of most of its income since the start of the health crisis. Its cash flow is currently being used primarily to maintain its activities and meet its social obligations.

Like many cultural institutions, it has therefore decided to try the path of patronage, which will allow contributors to benefit from a much higher than usual tax exemption until the end of 2020. (60% deductibility from €40 donation). This deductibility is possible thanks to a partnership with the King Baudouin Foundation.

The budget for this exhibition is €78,000. The Museum needs you! By contributing to this fund-raising event, you will be helping to promote a whole generation of Belgian artists to the general public. Together, we will make their work known in a prestigious setting, confirming the exceptional contribution of authors to the world of comics and Belgian art in general.


To support us: make your donations to the Fondation Roi Baudouin's account number:

BE10 0000 0000 0404



Structured communication that must be used in order for your donations to reach us: +++129/1037/00077+++.

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