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Blake, Mortimer & Frank Quitely

Evening conference with Professor Laurence Grove

Published on 25 April 2023
In tandem with the exhibition ODYSSEY to the origins of Blake and Mortimer, dedicated to the album The U Ray by Edgar P. Jacobs, join us to meet Frank Quitely, the Scottish comic artist behind major hits including BatmanNew X-MenAll-Star SupermanJupiter's Legacy or Ambassadors, his new series created with writer Mark Millar. 
The world-renowned artist will return to his influences, including the ligne claire. But also his iconoclastic and ironic approach to comics, whose genre he has helped to renew. Recognized globally for his unique talent, Frank Quitely will also look back on his career prior to becoming a comic book author in reference to Jacob’s first life as an opera singer.
In the company of Professor Laurence Grove of the University of Glasgow, curator of various exhibitions devoted to the art of Frank Quitely, the two Glaswegians will discuss the astonishing fascination that Glasgow and more generally Scotland (home of Professor Philip Mortimer) have exerted for many decades on Franco-Belgian Comics.

The meeting (in English) will be moderated by Éric Dubois, curator of the exhibition ODYSSEY. A signing session of the catalogue of the ODYSSEY exhibition will follow the conference. 
Practical details
  • Friday, May 26, 2023 at 6:30 pm at the Comics Museum
  • Reservations are highly recommanded.
  • Registrations can be made on this form.
  • Tickets: 5€ (does not include the catalogue of the ODDYSEY exhibition)
  • Entrance is free for comic artists and students of comic art

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