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Saturday 5th of March, Museum Night Fever is taking the floor!

5/3/2016, from 7 pm till 1 am

Published on 18 February 2016

And, as every other year, the Comics Art Museum is part of this thrilling adventure, where Brussels' Museums give young artists the opportunity to program shows and activities for Brussel's Night Fever enthousiasts.

This year, you'll discover how circus acts, cooking, music, dancing and theater can be confronted to Comic Art. Young artist Giacomo Martellacci has elaborated a series of performances combining all five senses. A soundtrack for a comic strip story, drawings inspirede by tastings, and a comic hero who turns out to be a real acrobat !

A group of intellectually disabled artists from Créahm will join Giacomo's professional squad for the performances up to 20:30. 

Museum guides will be available from 19:00 till 22:30 to explain you everything about Comics Art.

For the hungry or those wishing to buy a souvenir, Horta Brasserie and the Slumberland Bookstore will exceptionally both be open.

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