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The journey of a Kid from Brussels

From his first drawings to the most recent works, the Belgian author Midam cultivates the art of laughter and puts his talent to the service of the gag. Kid Paddle's albums, known and translated all over the world, symbolize by themselves this humorous universe that has become an essential part of European comics.

If he has always drawn, Midam enters the profession by joining the team of Spirou, for which he creates many drawings to animate the columns of the newspaper. In 1993, he began to direct the character of Kid Paddle whose adventures in video game mode are becoming increasingly popular with the public. In 2003, the universe continues with the Game Over series, presenting the adventures of "Little Barbarian", Kid's virtual avatar.

Retracing more than twenty years of creation, the exhibition looks back on the major stages of his career and gives - above all - the author a voice. Through the "Itinerary of a Kid from Brussels", visitors are invited to (re)discover the world of a creative author, who never ceases to reinvent his artistic approach to surprise us and make us laugh, again and again?

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